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Waving Wooden Flag of Brazil

Waving Wooden Flag of Brazil

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Crafted from solid wood, this rustic wall art is a perfect way to show your patriotic spirit. The wooden flag is designed to appear to wave gently when placed on the wall, giving it a realistic, eye-catching look. With its natural, vintage look, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

This is our Waving Wooden Flag of Brazil design. We have an ever growing lineup of flags up on our catalog now.

Our flags make great gifts for any occasion, but specifically for graduation(first responder or otherwise) events, birthdays, or major holidays such as Christmas.

This flag is hand made from start to finish.


We use only water based stains and acrylics which not only give sharp clean lines you do not have the odors or fumes associated with oil based. 

We’ve spent countless hours perfecting this design for you. Each flag is handmade and countless hours have been spent getting the perfect look and feel on each flag. 

If you order a gift at least two months prior to your event or holiday you can receive a 5% early-bird refund. Just shoot me an email with the date.

We offer a 10% discount to all police, first responders, and military service members. Email me for details.

All dimensions are estimates.

Hardware is not included, but can be requested for an extra fee.


We do not ship internationally.


All flags ship with UPS/USPS/or FedEx

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