Our Roots

Hi, I'm Karl. Welcome to the story of how this small business came to be.

I started my small woodworking company during my senior year of high school(during a pandemic unfortunately) but that didn't stop me. It actually helped me get a taste of eCommerce I believe! With God's help and the help of some very influential people, my dream of making my hobby into a career has taken shape!

I moved out on my own during my senior year of high school which brought its own set of challenges to my up and coming company. I had a few tools and a bit of cash to get me started and, oh yea, Jesus ;)

The first 6 months were especially a grind: getting all of my different sites set up, finding and getting the right tools for my craft, growing a customer base(I have some of the best customers around so THANK YOU SO MUCH!!), finding the right suppliers, etc.

After the initial grind to get up and running and have a taste of running a business, things started to run smoothly and I was finally able to get into rhythm and start to grow my business!

Always have to thank Jesus cause I definitely would be successful without Him!

I love making my custom pieces and hope to grow my lineup of creations to expand into other field other than just woodwork, but for the moment I'm having a blast!!

So yea... that's a bit of my story!
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